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      NYSO, More than Beauty

      公司介紹 company

      Nyso Network Technology Co., Ltd is a service provider focusing on Cross-Border wholesale, all-aspects brand operation, one-stop E-Commerce services and supply chain services. Nyso stands for Natural, Young, Simple and Optimistic.

      企業架構 enterprise

      Hang Zhou Japan Hong Kong Australia

      業務結構 business

      • Operation of Flagship

        Flagship Store
        Operation Services

      • Operation of

        Operation Services

      • Supply Chain

        Supply Chain

      • Shopping

        APP for

      • Lingyun ERP

        Lingyun ERP

      As a well-know provider in the E-commerce sector, Nyso group companies have successfully introduced over 100 overseas brands to mainland and Hong Kong consumers. The group now operates globally in Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities in Zhejiang province of China.

      With years of experience in brand operations, Nyso is committed to providing creative, efficient, comprehensive, and customized cross-border solutions to our partners and clients.

      We offer a multi-dimensional brand management system, a sophisticated international supply chain, matured digital marketing solutions and supporting IT solutions to assist overseas brands achieving their strategies and goals in China.

      Aside of being one of the few proud 5-stars service providers of Tmall Global, we own and operate over 50 online stores across other largest Chinese online shopping platforms, including JD.com, Koala, Xiaohongshu. We have also been partnering with Wanning, Watsons, Sasa, Colourmix for years, while acting as one of the major suppliers of many mainstream cross-border E-commerce platforms.

      企業文化 culture

      What’s NYSO

      N-natural; Y-young; S-simple; O-optimistic
      Those are the characteristics of women in NYSO


      “More than beauty”
      It means that we are aiming at introducing high-quality and healthy goods to
      Chinese and help customers to make a healthy and beautiful life from inside to outside.


      1. Honest and Pragmatic--we guarantee 100% authenticity of the whole supply chain and operate honestly. No exaggeration. No bubbles.
      2. Mutual Beneficial Partnership--we welcome to cooperate with all-kinds of partners with an open mind.
      3. Advance with the times--we keep abreast of policy, continue to innovate, and bring better service to users.